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SMALL CLASSES! Don't delay!

For the benefit of all participants, we keep our classes small by capping classes at 6:1 student-teacher ratio. Classes fill up quickly! Reserve your spot now!

What is Puppy STARLET?

Puppy STARLET is a unique program designed exclusively for puppies entering The Thinking K9 programs. This class encompasses the entire puppy raising experience! We divide our time between Obedience, Confidence Building, Socialization, and Owner Education. This class is perfect for 2-5 month old puppies and gives them a great jump-start to S.T.A.R. Puppy!


Class topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Rocket recalls (coming when called, the FIRST time!)
  • Handling exercises that prepare your dogs for veterinary care, emergency treatments, and general handling.
  • Nail trims- We trim nails RIGHT IN CLASS!
  • Obedience not limited to heeling/sits/downs/stays, etc.
  • Dog to dog socialization.
  • Environmental socialization.
  • Barking preventatives & management.
  • Teaching an off switch with condition relaxation techniques.
  • Mouthing
  • Crate Training, including crate GAMES IN CLASS with crates for EVERYONE, no waiting for other teams!
  • Preventative care to avoid separation anxiety, dog-dog reactivity (barking & lunging at other dogs), resource guarding, aggression, & more.
  • Integrating and managing puppies in multi-dog, cat, and child households.
  • A FREE online library with FULL-LENGTH 100+pg books!
  • Weekly emails with topics included in class and MORE!


See what our clients have to say about The Thinking K9's Puppy program:

I would highly recommend The Thinking K9 for the Puppy program and its instructor Barbara Smith. The most outstanding quality this program offered for me was it significantly increased my dog's confidence in himself and his trust in me.  There were challenges at the beginning of the class my dog would not do at all but at the end of class not only would he do them but he also did not hesitate to try other new challenges!  The class is limited to six dogs for more one on one training with the instructor.  It is "Positive Training"--treats and praise are used--not yanking and pulling.There are various types of equipment for the dogs to try and they usually succeed through practice. The dogs have fun using this equipment to build their confidence and trust.  Educational and informational handouts for each class are provided on line.  Diplomas for each class are provided and graduation pictures are available on line for you to download and share.  A great training experience for my dog and me!
~ Nancy Drake & Joe the Bulldog


Puppy must be between 2-5 months on the day class starts.


Cost for FULL 7-week session
Non-Members: $259
VIP Club Members: $239

VIP's SAVE $20!

What's the VIP Club?



7-week session broken down as follows:

Week 1: *Mandatory* Orientation at 6pm for a 1hour & 30min class, without dogs.

Week 2-7: weekly 60-minute classes with dogs.

Pre-registration is required.


OH NO! IF there's only a wait list, now what?
  1. Get on the wait list for the class you wish to attend. * Waitlist doesn't guarantee a spot.
  2. Register for future classes, such as S.T.A.R. Puppy and Manners.
  3. Book an Evaluation to get into Enrichment Hour! This will fill your puppy's critical needs during their socialization period and increase your chances at getting into a class!


TTK9 Training Center located at:
924 N. Parker Dr.
Janesville, WI 53545