Must-Haves for your new dog are:

  • collar
  • harness
  • treat Pouch
  • a 6' leash that is comfortable for your hand.
  • 20' long-line
  • poop bags
  • toys
  • a crate that your dog can stand up in, turn around, lay down, but not much more room than that. Most dogs feel more secure in small spaces.
  • a nail clipper and/or dremmel. We highly recommend a dremmel.
  • a brush that works best with your dog's coat.
  • a dog bed of some kind, which is off the ground (this is a great training aid, when used properly).
  • dog Tags that include your phone number.
  • we also highly recommend microchipping your dog!

Examples of some of our favorite products are below!

Dog Collars

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