For the benefit of all participants, we cap our classes at 6 total dogs. Classes fill up quickly! Reserve your spot now!

Cost: $170

VIP Club Members: $150
What's the VIP Club?

Class fee includes a Trick Dog Evaluation on the last week so your dog can earn their Trick Dog Title(s) through AKC or DMWYD!

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WAITLIST procedure:
In the event of a waiting list, we recommend that you get on the waiting list AND register for a future class. Getting on the wait list does NOT guarantee you a spot in a future class. If a spot on the waiting list opens up, your payment for the future class will be transferred to the one you are on the wait list for.


Your dog must pass a Canine Good Citizen Evaluation or have specific approval by our instructor. Email us if you need special approval.


Sessions meet on Thursdays at 7pm and run for 8 weeks. New sessions start very 3-4 months. Trick dog and Rally-X alternate sessions.

2019 Session Schedule:
Session 2, 6pm class, May 2 - June 20
Session 2, 7:15pm class, May 2 - June 20- Almost full!
Session 3, 6pm class, Aug. 29 -Oct. 17
Session 3, 7:15pm class, Aug. 29 -Oct. 17


TTK9 Training Center located at:
924 N. Parker Dr.
Janesville, WI 53545

What is Trick Dog?

Have FUN with your dog while teaching obedience! Teaching Tricks is used by many successful professional trainers because it has a direct reflection on success in Obedience! Teaching tricks establishes a pattern of learning, teaches skills and focus, is a positive method of training, and promotes a bond between canine and human. This course is designed to help you teach your dog the skills to get their first Trick Dog Title through Do More With Your Dog or AKC Trick Dog title. Read more about what Trick Titles mean from Kyra Sundance, below.

The instructor is certified to evaluate for both AKC or Do More With Your Dog. She is also an official Stunt Dog Judge.

A trick dog title honors the dog, recognizing him as an intelligent and willing partner. It means that your dog loved you enough to work with you and try to understand you, no matter how crazy your requests and how clumsy your attempts.

A trick dog title honors your commitment to your dog, showing that he was important enough in your life to receive your time, your energy, and your undivided attention. You loved your dog enough to engage him, challenge him, bond with him, and help him achieve a goal.

You believed in your dog even when he failed; and you gave him another chance even when nobody else would have; and in the end your faith in him was justified.

You are an owner who did more with your dog. And that makes your dog the luckiest dog in the world.

--Kyra Sundance, Owner of "Do More With Your Dog!"

Trick Dog Video