Check back at the end of December for January openings.


None! However, dogs that have shown any type of aggression (even mild) will not be approved for Enrichment hour and should further their training first.


Our valuations are a 25 minutes long.

$42.50 for Puppies UNDER 6 months.

$75 for Dogs OVER 6 months.

Fees are non-refundable, regardless of whether your dog is approved for Enrichment or not.

If no spots are available, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate (additional fees may apply).


TTK9 Training Center located at:
924 N. Parker Dr.
Janesville, WI 53545


What is an Evaluation?

We have 2 types of Evaluations:

Enrichment Hour Evaluations

All dogs, regardless of age, must have an evaluation prior to participating in Dog or Puppy Enrichment Hours.

A certified dog trainer and behavior expert will evaluate your dog’s behavior and play skills. If your dog is approved, they will be able to participate in Puppy/Doggie Enrichment Sessions.

We use observation skills (obtained through decades of dog behavior work and formal education), equipment, and 2 designated “helper” dogs to assist us in our evaluations.

Class Evaluations

Most dogs do not need to be evaluated before joining entry level classes (e.g. Puppy classes and Canine Good Citizen). However, if you are experiencing any type of aggression, leash reactivity, fear issues, or anything more serious, you may choose to have your dog evaluated before signing up for a 6-8 weeks class session to see if a class setting or private setting is the most adventitious to your dog.

*Evaluations are NOT training sessions*