For the benefit of all participants, we cap our classes at 6 total dogs. Classes fill up quickly! Reserve your spot now!

Cost: $170

VIP Club Members: $150
What's the VIP Club?

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WAITLIST procedure:
In the event of a waiting list, we recommend that you get on the waiting list AND register for a future class. Getting on the wait list does NOT guarantee you a spot in a future class. If a spot on the waiting list opens up, your payment for the future class will be transferred to the one you are on the wait list for.


Your dog must pass a Canine Good Citizen Evaluation or have specific approval by our instructor. Email us if you need special approval.


Sessions meet on Thursdays at 7pm and run for 8 weeks. New sessions start very 3-4 months, because Trick dog and Ninja Doggo alternate sessions.

2019 Session Schedule:

  • March 7 - April 25, 6pm
  • March 7 - April 25, 7:15p - FULL
  • June 27 - Aug. 22 (no class July 4), 6pm
  • June 27 - Aug. 22 (no class July 4), 715pm
  • Oct. 25 - Dec. 19 (6 week session, no class Oct. 31 & Nov. 28), 6pm
  • Oct. 25 - Dec. 19 (6 week session, no class Oct. 31 & Nov. 28), 715pm


TTK9 Training Center located at:
924 N. Parker Dr.
Janesville, WI 53545

What is Ninja Doggo?

Ninja Doggo combines Rally-O sign concepts with Trick Training and Fitness equipment! Ninja Doggo is an obstacle-course style class that is exclusively taught at The Thinking K9. Our class uses purely positive training that builds confidence, team work, and handler/dog bond. These skills have a positive impact on all aspects of dog ownership, from obedience training to having a stable dog you can take anywhere without concern that they will be frightened or reactive (negatively) to their environment. Not to mention, this class is just plain fun for everyone!!

The class is structured so that everyone in class gets a half hour to warm-up & obtain instruction on each of the pieces of equipment in the obstacle course. Then the next half-hour of class each individual team gets 2 run-thrus of the course, all by themselves! This allows each dog to be off-leash during the course. Ring gates contain the dogs, leaving everyone free to enjoy the course!

The video below is Gemma, a Great Dane, doing one of our Ninja Doggo courses. We are so proud of Gemma and her handler! It’s amazing what dogs can do, given the right opportunity and positive training!!

Video of Ninja Doggo