What is Ninja Doggo?

Introduce your dog to agility equipment and so much more! There is also an OFF LEASH option!  Each Ninja Doggo course is designed as a fun physical and mental challenge for ALL LEVELS to tackle!

Why take Ninja Doggo?

  • Greatly helps obedience!
  • Intro to agility equipment!
  • Learn fun party tricks!
  • NEW obstacle-courses each week!
  • Dogs learn body awareness.
  • Leave with a tired, happy dog!
  • So much more!


Ninja Doggo skills have a positive impact on all aspects of dog ownership, from obedience training to having a stable dog you can take anywhere without concern that they will be frightened or exhibit bag habits. Not to mention, this class is just plain fun for everyone!

Ninja Doggo has exclusively been taught at The Thinking K9 since 2011!

Photo of Ninja Doggo



  • No reactivity, including barking/lunging or growling at other dogs or people.
  • Dogs should be able to pass each other 2' away without getting into another dog's space. NO NOSE-TO-NOSE LEASH GREETINGS!
  • Handlers MUST be able to hold their dog back EASILY on a leash.


For the 4 week course
Non-Members: $159

Pre-registration is required.

There's only a wait list, now what?

  1. Get on the wait list for the class you wish to attend. * Waitlist doesn't guarantee a spot.
  2. Register for future classes, if available. We WILL allow a transfer, if an earlier class arrises.


TTK9 Training Center located at:
924 N. Parker Dr.
Janesville, WI 53545