K9 Detection


  • Prerequisites: 8+ months old & taken Core Manners.
  • Serious behavior cases contact us.
  • Class Tuition: $344. 
  • Workshop Tuition: See booking button.
  • Class supply list coming soon.

Week 1 is Mandatory Orientation from 6-9p WITHOUT dogs. Weeks 2-7 meet with dogs at your selected time.


Class Description

This is not your typical nosework class! We use the same methods that are used to train dogs that search for bombs, drugs, poaching, etc! Dogs trained in this system are significantly more reliable than other systems!

THIS IS A UNIQUE COURSE IN WHICH YOUR DOG WILL BE TRAINED BY BARBARA HERSELF! At the same time, you will assist & learn the handler mechanics so that you can take over!


K9 Detection is an asset for ALL dogs!

Nosework is a phenomenal tool for confidence building! Not only is this great for dogs with serious fear issues, but it also helps obedience for the same reasons! A confident dog is able to do obedience in a variety of places without being hyper-vigilant. Most pet dogs will show a great improvement in obedience simply due to an increase in confidence!


Nosework is the fastest-growing dog sport & it's easy to see why!

- Depletes dogs' energy FAST.

- Easy to do for the owner!

- Requires minimal supplies & costs!