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Class Description

This class teaches your dog core manners and prepares them for Canine Good Citizen.

Items taught, but not limited to:

  • Focus under distractions.
  • Barking management.
  • Stop jumping/sit politely for petting.
  • Rock-solid recall (come when called).
  • Mannerly reactions to other dogs.
  • Walking nicely on a leash.
  • Sit, down, stand, touch, etc.
  • Stay/Place with duration, distance, & distractions.
  • Confident reaction to distractions.
  • Handling Exercises for ease when grooming,  nail trims, veterinary care, etc.
  • Fun party tricks.
  • Dogs learn how to have fun and do obedience!
  • So much more!

Included in this class

  • Class emails with weekly goals to keep you & your dog on track!
  • Thousands of original photos available for free download, to document your journey with your beloved dog!
  • A multitude of related educational materials beyond what's taught in class!
  • Access to our online library!
  • Gain access to Private Training options, reserved only for current class participants!
  • Graduation photos, including a digital frame option!
  • Core Manners framable certificate!
  • Core Manners RIBBON, upon passing the evaluation!

A glimpse inside our class!


I have owned and trained German Shepherds for over 25 years. Barbara at The Thinking K9 is without a doubt the best trainer I have ever come across in those 25 years. We recently took the STARLET and STAR classes puppy classes at The Thinking K9 for our new Shepherd puppy and the Precision Rally Obedience class for our older Shepherd. Barbara's classes are interactive, organized, very personable, and just plain fun. She invests a significant amount of time, effort, and money into all the things necessary to make her classes great (like an unbelievable amount of equipment!). If you live in Janesville or the surrounding area, I highly recommend The Thinking K9 for your dog training needs!
Testimonial image
Chris & Sweetness
I have had 30 years of Viszlas and lots of training so I knew what to expect. However Barbara’s classes were more detailed, more informative, and very professional...She sent pictures often [during boarding] and kept in touch while I was away. Sweetness looked so happy! I was afraid she wouldn’t want to come home with me! And, Barbara has the most well trained boxer, Batman, that I have ever seen! She is amazing with dogs!! Highly recommend training or boarding with Barbara!!
Testimonial image
I was nervous about training, more so than my dog, for sure! I didn't know what to expect but Barb guided BOTH of us and Raleigh saw great progress from the classes! We plan to take more classes, i mean take Raleigh! 5 million stars!
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Despite reading all the training books and trying on my own for 2 years, I was never able to get my dog to truly settle down and listen. A few weeks with Barb and that all changed! He’s still energetic, but she helped me understand why he was struggling and gave me all the tools to change those behaviors. She is such a strengths based trainer, building off what your dog can already do and making my pup and I feel confident while learning new things along the way. I definitely recommend her for behavioral training or just to do some fun bonding with your dog!
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Over the years I have trained multiple dogs with a variety of a trainers, the Thinking K9 is by far the best. Barbara teaches in a positive, supportive manner with the latest teaching techniques. All training classes have handlers and dogs of various experiences. Barbara is excellent in working with each handler and dog to provide what they need in a method that works best for them. There is a difference between working with a volunteer instructor and someone who is trained and certified as a trainer. If you are looking for a certified Trainer who teaches in a positive manner, check out the Thinking K9.
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Barbara is a great trainer. She is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, inspiring and easy to work with. Barbara has the answers you may be seeking to help make your good dog an even better dog! Classes are fun.
Testimonial image
I appreciate the consistency and positive reinforcement approach to training. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they make learning fun! I had zero experience with dog training before going to TTK9. I was immediately put at ease. My confidence grew right along with my puppy's. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with TTK9!
Testimonial image
I loved my experience here and I will be back for more classes in the future. Barb and Katie are so kind, so patient and very knowledgeable. They give you all the tools to work with your dog at home and support you along the way. After taking the class, I feel much more connected to my dog and his behavior is drastically improved! Thanks so much for a great experience!
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Loved participating in the training courses with Barb she is energetic and makes training fun for both owner and pet. I am so looking forward to CGC class with her and not to mention my furbaby loves seeing her. She is outstanding and caring. I highly recommend her for training your babies
Testimonial image
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Barbara and the things she has taught my puppy and myself. This is my 3rd lab but the first time I have ever attended puppy classes. Barbara does a great job of explaining techniques that I am able to practice with my dog at home. I am learning just as much as him.
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I highly recommend The Thinking K9! My dog Rizzo and I are currently taking her Canine Good Citizen class, and I am so impressed with the course, and Barbara as a trainer. The classes are small so Barbara is able to work with you and your dog individually during class, which is super helpful. It’s challenging work, but I’ve seen nothing but great results! I look forward to taking more of her classes in the future.
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Great atmosphere for improving your dog's skills and getting help growing as an owner.
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Thinking K9 is a fantastic place to take your dog for obedience and skills training. Barbara is an amazing instructor who understands dogs very well. She teaches owners how to properly handle dogs and get them to listen, while ensuring they are still comfortable, confident and happy. My pup and I have attended this course for many weeks now and will continue to come back for more!
Testimonial image
My English Bulldog, Mr. President, has successfully passed the S.T.A.R. Puppy class and the Canine Good Citizen and is currently enjoying the trick dog class. English Bulldogs are notoriously “bullheaded” and can be a challenge to train, but with Barbara’s positive reinforcement training techniques, Mr. P looks forward to class every week! Barbara is an excellent trainer who wants you and your dog not only to succeed, but to achieve and build a great bond! Barbara teaches techniques that make learning easy and fun. I recommend Barbara and her training classes to anyone and everyone that is looking for a compassionate, enthusiastic and non judgmental trainer and a very clean training facility!
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Barbara and her staff are WONDERFUL!!! What is learned at her classes is priceless!!!!
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Barbara is the most well versed trainer in town. She has an extensive education and continues to pursue dog training knowledge to ensure her clients are getting the most cutting edge (& humane) techniques. She comes the the table with multiple solutions to problems and ensures the training plan fits the dog and the owner to give the pair the best chance of success. I’ve worked with Barbara for years and have seen her work through even the toughest cases.
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I brought my 2 year old German Shepherd in for the K9 Good Citizen class. Barb gave us the tools to succeed with positive obiedence training, and I feel so much more confident now working with my dog. But the best thing about the class is the incredible bonding experience it was for my dog and I! Theo (my dog) would get an immediate calm going there. He made so much eye contact with me. I think he really enjoyed having “mommy and me” time. I love this place and will be signing up for more classes in the future!
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Roxanne & Gus
...Barbara taught me techniques I can use with my dog to avoid the leash aggression I was concerned about. ...She provided handouts and lots of positive reinforcement. She made me feel good about what I have done with my dog regarding his training so far, and that I am not a failure.
Testimonial image
Amazing class with Barbara today! She is amazing with the dogs! I have never learned so much in a short period of time. Highly recommend The Thinking K9 for your dog training needs. Her place of business is so clean and she has so much to offer the dogs. Do not hesitate to take your dog here for training, you will not be disappointed!!!
Testimonial image
Barb and The Thinking K9 staff are awesome. You, the human, will learn to use treats, praise and games to promote good doggie behaviors. Barb is an excellent communicator with humans as well as canines. She will welcome your questions and concerns with informative answers. Also, Barb has impressively well-trained dogs of her own! Thanks Thinking K9!
Testimonial image
I've been to several of Barbara's classes now and feel she is a wealth of knowledge about all things canine. She is smart, articulate, encouraging, and an all around good instructor. We have had great results with our dog in training and I highly recommend The Thinking K9 to anyone... No matter what your level of training, Barbara has a class for you. You won't regret it. Training your dog is a great investment
Testimonial image
Rarely in life do you cross paths with someone that both loves and lives what they do! And it's evident here at The Thinking K9. Barb is a phenomenal dog trainer that keeps up with current techniques, works with you and your dog through all challenges and gives back to the community in many ways. She is both devoted, kind and lives this mission. We are so grateful and blessed to be her students. Thank you. You will always have our infinite praise! (Which is the way it should be here at the Thinking K9!).
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Barbara Smith is PHENOMENAL! She has a tremendous knowledge base from which she draws upon for the greatest success of each dog and dog owner in her classes. She is a great motivator during the training sessions and her training techniques helped me turn a VERY active chocolate lab into an amazing well behaved companion that is responsive to my commands and I can comfortably take anywhere. I HIGHLY recommend Barbara Smith at “The Thinking K9” for best results and success with your dog. Barbara is genuine, honest, intelligent, and makes you feel like you and your dog are important and valued.
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Adam Dassow & Luna
We have taken all of our dogs here. Trainers are top notch, dogs love it. What more could you want?
Testimonial image
Amy & Jordy
Jordy loved puppy class! I highly recommend the class!
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  • Dogs 6-months old and up.
  • No aggression.
  • No Reactivity (uncontrollably barking and lunging at other dogs).


Non-Members: $389.
VIP Club Members: $339.

VIP's SAVE $50!

What's the VIP Club?



  • 7-week sessions!
  • FIRST class is a 2.5-hour Mandatory Orientation WITHOUT dogs at a SPECIAL TIME.
  • The following 6-classes are WITH dogs for 1-hour.

Pre-registration is required.


  1. Click Class Dates button below.
  2. Click INFO button.
  3. Click SCHEDULE button.


OH NO! IF there's only a wait list, now what?

  1. Get on the wait list for the class you wish to attend. * Waitlist doesn't guarantee a spot.
  2. Register for future classes, if available. We WILL allow a transfer, if an earlier class arrises.


TTK9 Training Center located at:
924 N. Parker Dr.
Janesville, WI 53545