Advanced Obedience


  • Prerequisites: (1) Dogs 8+ months old. (2) Core Manners graduate. (3) No aggression. (4) No dog reactivity. (5) THIS CLASS IS PHYSICAL for handlers.
  • Tuition: $--- 
  • Class supply list. (coming soon)

Class Bonuses!

7 hours instruction

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Small class sizes

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Advanced Obedience is made to cater to those coming out of Core Manners, as well as challenge those that already have off-leash skills. This is a must-take class for both pet and show enthusiasts alike!


Class will focus on command execution under distractions, in motion, at a distance, and with advanced generalization while maintaining precision, speed, and vigor!


Can your dog function through external visual and auditory distractions? What if YOU had those distractions on your body?! What about remaining mannerly while you play a physical game, like basketball?!


Class Topics

  • Rocket Recalls under strong distractions.
  • Focus through distractions.
  • Off-leash reliability.
  • Distance commands.
  • Food refusal/leave-it.
  • Call off/away from human, food, & toy.
  • Send-aways with a goal of 6'.
  • Command execution in motion, at a distance, and with advanced generalization.
  • Positions with precision, speed, & vigor.
  • Stays with advanced distance, duration, & distractions.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Side Stepping, rear-end awareness, and conditioning.
  • Focused Heeling with distractions.
  • Chin rest for vet visits.


Cindy Mason Busch
Over the years I have trained multiple dogs with a variety of a trainers, the Thinking K9 is by far the best. Barbara teaches in a positive, supportive manner with the latest teaching techniques. All training classes have handlers and dogs of various experiences. Barbara is excellent in working with each handler and dog to provide what they need in a method that works best for them. There is a difference between working with a volunteer instructor and someone who is trained and certified as a trainer. If you are looking for a certified Trainer who teaches in a positive manner, check out the Thinking K9.
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Jason Stuckey
Great atmosphere for improving your dog's skills and getting help growing as an owner.
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Piper, Tammy and Chris
Barb and The Thinking K9 staff are awesome. You, the human, will learn to use treats, praise and games to promote good doggie behaviors. Barb is an excellent communicator with humans as well as canines. She will welcome your questions and concerns with informative answers. Also, Barb has impressively well-trained dogs of her own! Thanks Thinking K9!
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