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Margo is a Psychometrist with a Bachelor of Science of Psychology and Master of Clinical Social Work. Within these, she has a strong background in Learning Theory, Behavioral Theories, and Cognitive Psychology, which are great assets to her abilities as a dog trainer and instructor. Those skills give a firm understanding of the science of dog training, as well as the ability to customize her training plans to help each individual dog owner tap into their own unique strengths, resulting in great success training their own dogs!

Margo came to the dog world as many of us do, with problem dog. Addison (aka Addy), came with severe leash reactivity and aggressive tendencies. Margo has been able to apply what she knows about psychology, with what she’s learning about dog training, to achieve an incredible amount with Addison. Read more about Margo’s great successes with Addison on FaceBook HERE.

Margo began shadowing Barbara in 2018 and is now leading her own classes. Margo attends classes nearly every day of the week, either training her own dog or teaching. She currently teaches Ninja Doggo, Trick Dog, Puppy classes, and is eager to assist at any opportunity. We are blessed to have her as a dog trainer at TTK9!