Precision Rally-Obediance

Precision Rally-O is taught with the novice owner and seasoned veteran in mind!

We will teach you how to execute the Rally signs with precision and flair, all while having FUN! We take Rally to a whole new level and show you how to get the most flashy performance possible!

This class will prepare you for our next class, Rally-O Courses.


Rally-Extreme, or Rally-X, is a new sport that combines Rally-O sign concepts with Trick Training and Fitness equipment! Each Rally-X course is designed as a fun physical and mental challenge for a dog and their handler to tackle.

We alternate Rally-X and Trick Dog sessions in our calendar of classes that we offer.

Doggie Enrichment Hour

Dogs will play with other well mannered adult dogs and have the opportunity to climb on an play with our enrichment equipment! Pictures & video below!

During the first 15-20 minutes of class we will help you teach your dog to master a variety of different pieces of enrichment equipment (you will need plenty of SOFT treats for this portion of the class). The remainder of the class is off-leash play. Treats are not permitted during that time.

Private Training

Personalized training sessions are one hour long and held at our facility.

Our Certified Professional Dog Trainer and behavior modification expert will coach you on how to train your dog. We give you the tools and resources you need to reach your training goals!

Private training can also consist of Fitness and Fun!

Private Group Training

Get your own private GROUP session, just for you and your best buddies! Your private group session can consist of Rally-O, Rally-X, Fitness, Obedience, Trick Training, Stunt Dog Trial, or have a Pup Party for your furry friends's birthday! Group instruction and equipment is provided.

Max: 6 dogs.