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Rally Novice information

Virtual entry instructions
Scoring. Relevant. Abridged.
Online submission

Rally Signs/Courses

Novice sign descriptions 
ALL Rally Novice signs to print
Virtual Rally Course Choices

Virtual Courses notes, at a glance

All dogs will have different struggles. Having said that, here's signs that tend to cause more teams difficulties, outlined by course number.

Halt, left. Sign #3
Sidestep right. #11
*easy setup

Sidestep right. ESPECIALLY as sign #1
270* left. #7
*easy setup

Fast. ESPECIALLY as #1
Halt, left turn. #9
Stop and down. NO SIT! #14

360* left. #4
Halt, left. #8
Stop & down. NO SIT. #14

270* left. #1 & 7
Sidestep right. #8
Halt, fast. #11
*easy setup

Advanced Training

CRITICAL Foundations.

Without great focus in ALL environments, you can't get anything else. THIS is the work that makes the magic happen later. However, it's not glamorous and we always think that we need to "force" focus. "Demand" it from our dogs. You will NEVER get good focus by demand. It has to be earned and taught. Making seemingly simple changes can be very impactful once made routine. 



  • NO MORE than 5 minute sessions, LITERALLY!!- SET A TIMER! Any longer and you’re going backwards!!
  • 1-2 times PER DAY.
  • 6 days per week (5 minimum).
  • 3 days work OFF PROPERTY MINIMUM per week.


Practice in real world

  • Pre-training rituals
  • Focus work: Foundation recalls and/or tug (NO more than 5 min!!).
  • Post-training ritual (“all done” & kibble dump).


Practice at HOME

Crazy Sit Game: Make a semi-crazy dog for only a couple seconds at first, then ask for a sit & LURE IMMEDIATELY! *everything in balance; work in threshold. Some dogs can handle really crazy sits, while others have to work up to it.

Extra credit homework
Positioning Box example

The dimensions will vary based on the dog. With your dog laying down square (in a "sphinx pose"), your box should only allow a couple inches room on either side of your dog, max.



The order you go in matters!

Stand, Down, POP-UP Stand. 

Stand, TUCK Sit, Stand.

FOLDING Down, TUCK Sit, <stand> FOLDING Down. 

Quick links

General Rally Information
A quick rundown of important info to remember. This by no means is a complete list of rules, however, they will get you well on your way to having a good understanding of Rally. RELEVANT: you can re-try one Novice sign per course without receiving an automatically non-qualifying score.


The whole rulebook.


Glossary of Terms
As with any community, dog sports have their own definitions of common terms.


Judges Score Card
This is an example.