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Signs & descriptions

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Doggie Burpees

This is a muscle memory exercise and an asset to future signs.

Version 1: Stand, down, stand.

Version 2: Stand, sit, down, sit, stand.

Watch video for tips on luring.

Front pivots

Pivot 1/4 turns in both directions. Dogs generally go counterclockwise better & therefore need more clockwise repetitions, but see how your dog does!


Moving side step right

When watching this video, bear in mind that it was made for our Precision Rally class and therefore the verbiage is more strict. The way we teach it at TTK9 is precise, and that is the way I recommend you train. However, you don't have to.

As the sign is written, as long as your dog stays in heel position, even if they are not square with you (like this training technique) you WILL STILL PASS your Novice courses! Still do them and send them in, even if your dog isn't square! Then, between now and if you do a live trial, practice it more squarely if you're going for that style!

Stop & Down