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Training sessions

Today Shannon followed me on the road to video some training sessions, to help give you a visual and put your new tools into practice. 

These videos cover one public focus-only training session for Batman with food & Bonsai with tug. Also one session with a little more structure. 

I recommend watching all of them, even if you have a food dog that doesn't tug or vice versa. All videos have training rituals in them that are relevant to all of your focus work.

Lastly but most importantly, have understanding for yourself. This is tough stuff & it takes practice. 

Focus foundations with tug

This video includes much more than just using a tug for focus, but also in selecting your public place even when things go wrong. Crate manners comes up as well.

Your dog may not play as roughly as Bonsai and that's perfectly okay! Play in the style that's most comfortable for both of you.

Supplemental content

This video discusses how and where to add rules while you're in a program dedicated to focus. Adding rules (including obedience behaviors) in the wrong spots can kill any focus we build. 

Remember the proceedure: Crate, potty, crate, get ready, work your dog, give the "all done" command & break engagement. 

Also included is working to prevent separation anxiety during covid & acclimating dog's to spring/summer temperatures.

Focus with food

Including when things don't go perfectly.

Potty commands