TTK9's Journey with a Boxer

In 2014 Barbara was ready to welcome a new member of the family. Like many trainers, her breed of choice had a lot to do with wanting to advance her skills as a trainer. She had previously owned herding and hunting breeds, which tend to be more biddable (easier to train). This time, however, she felt that getting a Boxer would fulfill her desires for a strong breed that would challenge her and thereby help her reach more training goals.

Boxers are intelligent and great problem "solvers" (problem "creators?" HA!), which is a lethal combination. They are often coined as being very "stubborn," "headstrong," and difficult to motivate. AKC depicts them as "intolerant of repetitious commands that they consider boring - they definitely have minds of their own."

Barbara was up for the challenge that a boxer would bring her and has enjoyed every step of the journey with him. The challenge has been extremely rewarding, both in teaching her a deeper level of patience and understanding, as well as striving for new training strategies that work on the most strong willed and independent of dogs.

Herein you will find videos of Barbara's journey with Batman. You can clearly see the hard work and incredible bond that training as helped create between the 2.

Rally Obedience

Mannequin Challenge

Barn Hunt- with a BOXER!