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Trick Dog Titling


The Thinking K9 is a certified evaluator for Trick Dog with both AKC and Do More With Your Dog. On the final day of class you can choose to test using either organizations guidelines, or both!

On the last day of class everyone will be evaluated for their Novice title and one additional title. If this is your first time taking the Trick Dog class, you will want to peruse the tricks listed for the Intermediate level (below). Everyone goes into the evaluation thinking they won’t be able to get higher titles and their dogs always surprise them! Don’t let your doubts limit you or your dog <3.

You are welcome to use any of our equipment for the evaluation.

Certificate Options
The Thinking K9

You can choose to use The Thinking K9 to earn a certificate for your dog, without having to send in additional paperwork and pay extra fees. We use the tricks and criteria for Do More With Your Dog.

Do More With Your Dog

Many people choose to title with DMWYD because you don’t have to register your dog. They send out a nice certificate and a ribbon for each title earned. They also list you,  your dog, and the title on their website (e.g. Batman is listed under Boxers HERE). Titling through them is also required if you wish to do Stunt Dog Competitions (Barbara is a Stunt Dog Judge as well, and may hold competitions in the future). I highly recommend titling through DMWYD.

Below are forms that outline which tricks qualify for which titling level. Make note that “Novice” and “Easy” are the same title even though each of these PDF’s list slightly different tricks. You can use any of them.

American Kennel Club (AKC)

If your dog is already registered with AKC or you wish to do AKC shows (recommended), you may wish to send in the AKC application to have the Trick Dog title on your dogs papers. AKC Trick Titles are also easier to earn, but all your dogs will do great with either organization.

Click HERE for information on how to register your dog, including mixed breeds.

In addition to the files below, you will need to submit the Title Application.

Grandfathering Allowed for higher DMWYD Titles