Herein are required class supplies. The supplies listed in ORANGE will be needed for use during all classes. Other supplies are for at-home practice.

Fleece or Rope Tug

Bring your dog's favorite rope or fleece tug for use in every class. If you do not have one, we will provide one for you on the first class (please bring it with you for all subsequent classes).


Bring your clicker to every class. Any clicker will work, however, we recommend the PetSafe clicker because it has a finger strap that makes it easier to hang onto.

Target Stick

There are several options for target sticks, including homemade ones (it is important that target sticks have a larger ball at the end). The clicker with target stick is easiest to use, and holds up better. However, it is not a replacement for a regular clicker either. We recommend getting BOTH the PetSafe clicker (above) and the Karen Pryor Click Stick (below).

Snap-Together Hula Hoop

We will provide hula hoops for use during class, but we highly recommend you get one for at-home practice. We prefer the snap-together hoops, for safety reasons. The link on the LEFT is to the smaller hoop, which I prefer for Batman. However, larger dogs might prefer a larger size, linked on the RIGHT.


We will provide buckets for use at class. This is an essential item to have for home practice too! The bucket you choose will largely depend on the size of your dog.

Small/Average size dogs: 4 Quart Rubber Bucket found on Amazon or Farm & Fleet here (also in-store).

Large Dogs (65+lbs): 5 Quart Plastic Bucket found on Amazon or Farm & Fleet here (also in-store).

Additional Supplies

You will also need a 6' leash (no retractable lashes), whatever collar or harness you feel most comfortable with (no e-collars), LOTS of soft treats, and a treat pouch.