Is your dog allergic to the word “Come”? Wholly indifferent? Or maybe it depend on your dog's mood?

Never chase your dog again! This FUN and informative 3-hour workshop will show you how to train your dog to come to you regardless of the distractions around you!

Due to the uniqueness of a workshop format, we will be able to delve deeper into recalls than we can cover in our classes! Learn multiple ways to train a recall, how to proof a recall so your dog comes even with the highest distractions, as well as how to maintain that phenomenal recall.

Join the fun and turn your dog into a Boomerang!


  • Dog's new to TTK9 and new to obedience are welcome! However, reactive dogs should take an obedience class before attending a workshop.
  • Dog's will be in crates when not actively working. Dog's that have confinement anxiety in crates should attend a crate training workshop first.

What to bring

  1. A specific Harness is required for this workshop. Click here to view PFD for details. *You will NOT get full value of this workshop without the proper equipment!
  2. Super-high value treats (human food such as hot dogs, bacon, chicken breast, cheese. Or Fresh Pet).
  3. Your dog's favorite toy that you play with together (tugs are great!).
  4. Kong or other stuff-able toy (we will provide peanut butter & alternative). * Please no bully sticks, antlers/bones, pig ears/noses, or anything of the like.
  5. Email vaccination records, including Bordetella, prior to the workshop. No dog will be permitted on TTK9 grounds without vaccination records on file. Failure to submit records before the workshop will result in dismissal, without refund. We take the health of all dogs very serious.
  6. Your dog will be crated when not actively working in the ring. You may use one of ours or bring your own.