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Core Manners Registration is now open to the public! Don't forget to sign up! The 6:00pm class is FULL.

Use the code "STAR-move-up" to get $5 off!

NOTE: Upon initial signup, it will look like the 7:15pm class is at 6pm. Our program is showing you the time of the first class ONLY. After orientation, all other classes are 7:15pm.

Graduation Homework & Certificate Testing

To Graduate S.T.A.R. Puppy

In order to graduate and receive your S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification, you must complete the following items.


I.D. Tags
Send a message to me telling me which type of I.D. tag (I.D. tag on their collar, microchip, etc.) your puppy has.

Poop Bags
Send a photo of your puppy and their poop bags to me.

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Pledge
You can print this out, sign it, and send me a photo of it.

Exercise Plan
Just like the pledge, you can print this out, fill it out, and send me a photo of it.


Once all of these items are completed, I will send you a PDF file of your S.T.A.R. Puppy Certificate. Once we are able to reopen, we can issue printed copies of the certificates and offer official AKC Registration paperwork. 

Certificate Testing

We have now introduced two additional certificate challenges, Spin and Rollover! Send me a video of you and your puppy completing the either exercise without a treat lure, and I will send you a PDF file of the certificate. Once we reopen, I can issue you a printed one.

Kaitie's email:

Additional Resources

Emergency preperation

Emergencies are unpredictable. Be prepared! Have an emergency kit with first aid supplies on hand. Use the PDF below as a guide, or order one. For typical pet dogs, you can go with a less expensive one. For more sporty dogs should go with a more comprehensive kit. Click the Amazon photos below to purchase a kit.

Additionally, personalized emergency cards are great in case an emergency happens, but it's also great to send with a pet sitter, too! Click the photos below for a PDF file of the cards.




Now that our puppies are approaching their full-grown size, we need to find a more permanent solution for them in the car. Crates will work to keep dogs out of our laps while we drive, but will not hold up in even low-speed collisions. Also, most seatbelts on the market are ineffective too!

The Center for Pet Safety is the only independent crash tester. Only the Gunner kennels (several hundred dollars each) and a few seatbelts pass their inspection! The Sleepypod seatbelts pass their inspection and can be purchased for a reasonable price. Click the Amazon photo to check it out.



Resource Guarding

Click  the  photo  below to read an article on resource guarding, how to treat it, and how to prevent it. 


Don't skip the warmups! These serve to turn your dog's thinking cap on!

Foundation recalls
The exercise with the funny noise 😉

Chase Recalls
Don't flip your whole body during this exercise, only your hand!

Focus Trees
The exercise where you hold your arms out like a T.

Puppy Pushups
Sit, Down, Up-Sit

Doggie Burpees
Sit, Down, Up-Sit, Stand

Remember to use a nice big circle lure for this one!

Lure from the nose, to the elbow, to the shoulder, to the hip, and then bring it around to their other side.

Reorientation with a Squeaker

Goal: Teach our puppies to focus on us and not on the distractions in the environment no matter how exciting those distractions are.

Exercise: Grab a partner for this one!

1) Have your partner squeak a squeaker

2) Get your puppy's focus back on to you.

Make sure your partner only squeaks the squeaker enough to get your puppy's attention, then stops squeaking while you regain your puppy's focus!

3) Solidify having your puppy's focus on you by giving them a few treats.

4) Repeat starting at Step 1.

To regain your puppy's focus, you can use their name, the focus command, and foundation recalls.

Blind Recalls

Goal: Get your puppy coming to you even when they don't see you!


1) Hide in a room of your house, behind a tree, or somewhere else hidden but easy to find at first.

2) Call your puppy with excitement and don't stop until they come! It might take a while to find you at first.

3) Get harder, the better your puppy gets!

Heeling with Foot Targets

Goal: To teach our dogs to walk in heel position and not to pull when we walk with them.


1) Set up a few foot targets 5 or so feet apart.

2) Heel from foot target to foot target.

When heeling between the buckets, be sure to have a treat lure down in front of them for a couple of steps, let them have the treat, then take a few steps talking to them to keep them engaged and in heel position, and repeat.

3) As your puppy gets better and better at this exercise,  make the foot targets farther and farther apart and take this exercise to more distracting environments like your yard.

Figure 8 Challenge

Goal: To work on heeling with our puppies with a fun challenge!


1) Set up two cones (or milk jugs or something similar) about 6 feet apart.

2) Lure your dog in a figure 8 shape around the cones.

3) Fade your lure by doing a few steps with a treat lure, letting them have the treat, a few steps talking to them, and repeat.


To earn this additional certificate:

  • You CAN use treats!
  • You CANNOT knock over either of the cones.
  • You must cross the center line between the cones 3 times.


If you send in a video of you and your puppy completing this challenge to me, I will send you back a PDF file of the Figure 8 certificate!

Foundation Supervised Separation

Goal: To have puppies that are calm when they are apart from their owners.

Exercise: Grab a partner for this one!

1) Have your partner take your puppy's leash.

2) Walk away 10 feet away from them and back to them.


Be sure to not panic your puppy when you leave (like by saying "don't worry everything will be fine!" in a worried voice) or when you return to them.

When you come back to them don't look at them and wait for your puppy to be fully settled before taking their leash back from your partner.


Goal: To teach our dog's to leave leave-its alone and heel despite distractions


1) Set up an area with leave-its (like toys) on one side for you and your puppy to heel passed.

2) Lure your puppy passed all of the leave-its with your puppy between you and the leave-its.

If your puppy gets distracted by any of the leave-its, foundation recall away from them and re-set up.

3) Repeat and fade the lure (a few steps with a treat lure, few steps talking to them).

Party Hats

Goal: To teach our puppies to be comfortable being handled.


1) Grab a hat or something hat-like (a scarf or towel) to put on your puppy 

2) If you have partner, have them feed your puppy treats while you put the hat on them.

If you're solo for this exercise, feed your puppy with one hand and put their hat on with the other hand.

3) Feed your puppy treats while they are wearing their hat to keep it a positive experience.

Muffin Tin Game

Goal: Give our puppies a mental workout (especially when we can't get out of the house)


1) Grab a muffin tin and tennis balls.

2) Under the tennis balls, place a few treats.

3) Set the muffin tin down for your dog and let them find the cookies.

3 Cup Find It

Goal: Give our puppies a mental workout (especially when we can't get out of the house)


1) Grab three plastic cups and some treats.

2) Sneak a treat under one of the cups (and don't let your dog see which cup you chose).

3) Let your dog find the treat under the cup.