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General supplies

You will need a 6' leash and a safe collar, harness, headcollar, etc. E-collars must be pre-approved and OFF during class.

Required Treats

Please keep treats CLEAN. Our floors are delicate and back-breaking to clean.


WET treats such as:

- Cubed hotdog

- Cubed chicken, turkey, lamb, or other meat. CUBE MEAT BEFORE COOKING so that it doesn't shred all over the floor!

- Fresh Pet, but please NO CARROTS! Not the one in the picture. They are painful to clean off the floor.


NO other treats allowed. We need high value for high motivation to learn & offer new behavior! 

Required Target Stick

The Premier Click Stick Dog Trainer target stick (specifically) is required for this course, with no exceptions. I apologize for the inflexibility. 

Required Clicker

Clicker choices

1) We strongly prefer the PetSafe Clik-R Dog Training Clicker because it's flexible & allows us to use out hand and the clicker at the same time. We also recommend getting the coil keychain add-on for more ease of use! We'll show you! (you only need one, but a pack is cheaper).


2) You can multipurpose the target stick with the target retracted. Some people find it bulky and harder to manage than some other choices.


3) You can absolutely also use any other style clicker! However, we discourage Box-style clickers because they are really loud and scare some dogs.