Items in RED are REQUIRED. Other items are strongly recommended.
The equipment you choose can mean the difference between a productive class and not. If you deviate from this list, your training will be affected. 
In the interest of keeping our classes running smoothly, PLEASE come prepared by bringing all the required supplies. Thank you!
Head collar

While a head collar is not "required," it is the most ideal option for nearly all pet dog owners. Therefore, it is highly recommended. Additionally, teaching how to use one will be a part of our weekly in-class curriculum. IMPORTANT: Please do NOT introduce your dog to the head collar before our first class!

Neither of these options restricts panting, drinking, taking treats, or otherwise obstructs their ability to use their mouth.

*Pugs and other flat-faced dogs can not use a head collar & should see the instructor.
*Those that wish to pursue their Canine Good Citizen title through AKC should see the instructor.

Choice #1

This is generally our preference. However, it may not fit toy breeds under 4 months (but may fit them over 4 months!). It is also NOT ideal for dogs that rush the end of the leash hard.

Choice #2

  • This is the only choice for tiny dogs, under 4 months & in the toy group (size of a chihuahua 2-4 at months).
  • This option is also best for most dogs that rush the end of the leash. 


We require the PetSafe 3in1 Harness- NO SUBSTITUTIONS, with the exception of toy breeds under 4 months ONLY should get the Hamilton Harness


We recommend a martingale collar, but a flat collar is also acceptable.
*It is recommended that you have either a collar or head collar (above).

Stuff-able toy

Choose a stuff-able toy (NO spherical toys), sized appropriately for your puppy. Kong's are great, but Bionic's easier to clean! Bring to class on week 3.


The type of treat pouch is entirely personal preference. (* We DISCOURAGE all-plastic “pop-ware" pouch). Our preference is:


Treats! TWICE as many as you think you need!

WET treats are required, such as small cubed cooked chicken or hot dogs ONLY. 

We understand that treats like Zukes, BilJax, pupperoni, and other moist treats work great at home. However, they will NOT WORK around high distractions like those at a training facility with other puppies. 

Duel Handled 6-foot Leash

You will need a 6-foot leash for class. We HIGHLY recommend a 2-handled leash for superior control!
(NO retractable leashes allowed)

20-foot Long-Line

The material you choose is personal preference (e.g. cotton, biothane, paracord, leather, etc). Your Long-Line will be an asset for training at home! (you do not need to bring this to class)

Must-Have's for at-home

We also highly recommend that you have everything in the “Must-Have’s” section of our Recommendation Products page, for general at-home use.