The following supplies are required for class.
The equipment you choose can mean the difference between a productive class and not. If you deviate from this list, your training will be affected. 
In the interest of keeping our classes running smoothly, PLEASE come prepared by bringing ALL necessary supplies. Thank you!

Please note that we do NOT allow retractable-leashes in classes. We feel there is a time and a place for all tools, however, retractable leashes will only be used at the trainers discretion and under direct instruction.


The type of treat pouch is entirely personal preference (some even use an apron!). However, we DISCOURAGE "pop-ware" pouches, as they are inferior. NO purses or fanny packs allowed. Our preference is:


You can choose any SOFT treat, such as, FreshPet (recommended!) cooked chicken (1/2" cubed), hot dogs (cubed), etc. FreshPet can be found at Woodmans, Target, Festival, and Wal-mart in Janesville. It will be located in the Pet section, in the refrigerator.

NO hard treats! Also, no soft dog treats such as Zukes, BilJax, etc. It must be slimy and stinky!


We recommend a martingale collar, but we will work with your preference (no e-collars).

*You will need both a collar and a harness.


PetSafe 3in1 Harness (below) or the Blue9 Balance Harness are acceptable..
NO harnesses that clip over the shoulders, such as "pug life" or "easy step-in" type.

Duel Handled 6-foot Leash

You will need a 6-foot leash for class. We HIGHLY recommend a 2-handled leash for superior control!
1" width for large breeds, 3/4" for small breeds.


We recommend a 20' long-line. The material you choose is personal preference (e.g. cotton, biothane, paracord, leather, etc). Your Long-Line will be an asset for at-home training! (you do not need to bring it to class)


A clicker is strongly encouraged, though not required. You can choose any style clicker, though we discourage "box" type clickers. Here's our preference:

Additional recommendations

Click below to see more products that we love, though are not required for class.