Homepage Required Core Manners Supplies
Items in RED are REQUIRED.
The equipment you choose can mean the difference between a productive class and not. If you deviate from this list, your training will be affected.



ONE of these EXACT harnesses is a critical part of the training plan.

Harnesses that clip over the shoulders are NOT allowed. Click HERE for an additional, detailed harness guide, including banned harnesses.

Blue 9 Balance Harness

This fits a larger variety of dog shapes. If you worry about fit, choose this harness.

3 in 1 Petsafe Harness

This harness is often a little loose around the shoulders for many dogs.

6 Foot Leash


We highly recommend a 2-handled leash (linked) for superior control! However, any 6' leash is okay.

*NO retractable leashes allowed!



Choose ONE type of headcollar below.


Contact your instructor if:

  • you have a brachycephalic (short nose) breed. 
  • you wish to pursue your Canine Good Citizen title through AKC.


These do NOT restrict panting, drinking, taking treats, or otherwise obstruct their ability to use their mouth.


This is our strong preference for most breeds.  This comes with a safety backup clip, so you don't have to buy one.

Gentle Leader

Good for Brachycephalic (short-nose) breeds that are able to wear a headcollar. GentleLeaders are required to have a safety backup clip.

Treat Bag


Our preference is the Doggone Good or PetSafe pouches. However, the type of treat pouch is an entirely personal preference, you don't have to go with this exact one. 

You can even use an apron instead! They work FANTASTIC & are under $1!

The only one we strongly discourage is the all-plastic “pop-ware" pouch.

NO purses or fanny packs allowed.




Bring at LEAST TWICE as many as you think you need! Many people run out!

WET (not just "soft") treats are required, such as hot dogs, FreshPet, or other real cooked meat ONLYNO sliced lunch meats.

We understand that treats such as Zukes, BilJax, pupperoni, and other soft treats work great at home. However, REGULAR DOG TREATS will NOT WORK around high distractions like those at a training facility with other puppies! People that disregard this end up FRUSTRATED because their puppy won't listen!

Long Line

*Required for HOME use.

You do not need to bring this to class. However, a Long-Line will be a great asset for training at home, especially coming when called! 

The material you choose is a personal preference (e.g. cotton, biothane, paracord, leather, etc).


* Required.

A clicker accelerates learning, making training FASTER and more efficient! 

You can choose any clicker. However, you will quickly learn that you need 5 hands to dog train. Make it easier with the Clicker Ring! You can purchase one in class!

We discourage "box" type clickers as they are loud and scare some dogs.

Martingale Collar

Martingale collars have advantages over other collars, including safety; It is significantly harder to slip out of them.

A collar is not required. However, if you wish to pursue the Canine Good Citizen title, you will need a collar.

Also check out more “Must-Have’s in the Recommendation Products page, for general at-home use to make your life easier!!