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Cover all Novice signs (different courses than last session).Cover all Advanced signs.1 Novice & 1 Excellent NESTED course per night (see below for explanation).1 Advanced & 1 Masters NESTED course per night (see below for explanation).Cover all levels throughout the session (Novice - Masters).WILD CARD! Surprise me! (careful, you know Barbara, LOL!)

What are Nested Courses?

Imagine 2 different levels, such as Novice & Excellent, using the exact same course path. After everyone has done the first (novice) course, some signs would be quickly changed out for the higher level (excellent) signs. Some signs would remain the same. The greatest benefit from nested courses is quick changing of courses, resulting in shorter classes (classes usually last between 1-2 hours, depending on levels and how long it takes to change over signs). Another benefit is seeing the contrast between levels, with using the same path. CLICK to view an example of nested courses (*novice course example has a few advanced signs).