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Janesville Pet Ordinances- abridged. (S.T.A.R.)

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6.04.020 Licenses–Statute compliance–Rabies vaccination.
A. All dogs and cats must be licensed as follows: The owner or possessor of a dog or cat more than five months of age on January 1st of any year or five months of age within the license year, shall annually, or on or before the date the dog or cat becomes five months of age, pay the license tax and obtain a license.

D. All dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies. No license shall be issued unless the dog or cat is vaccinated and sufficient proof of vaccination is presented with the license application. (Ord. 84-380 s. 2, 1984).

6.04.030 Dog and cats–Running at large and principal place of residence–Defined.
A. For dogs and cats “running at large” includes all situations in which a dog or cat is:
1. Not within the principal place of residence of the owner or possessor, and
2. Not tied up, not securely penned, or not securely held by a chain, rope or leash.

B. All chains, ropes and leashes shall be so placed or attached that they cannot become entangled with another animal or object, and shall be of sufficient length and in proportion to the size of the animal to allow the animal proper exercise and convenient access to food, water and shelter. Such chain, rope or leash shall be located so as to prohibit such animal from trespassing on public property or private property belonging to others and from causing harm or danger to persons or other animals. This subsection shall apply when the dog or cat is secured upon the principal place of residence of its owner or possessor.

C. When a dog or cat is outside the principal place of residence of its owner or possessor, it shall be within the control of its owner or possessor and shall be attached to a leash not more than six feet in length, which leash the owner or possessor shall hold or be attached to as well as the animal. This subsection shall not apply to dogs or cats which are being transported in or on any type of motor vehicle or to dogs or cats solely within specially and specifically designated and signed park “Pet Exercise/Training Areas” as defined and regulated by JGO Section 12.60.210C.

D. The “principal place of residence” for dogs and cats means the entire property of the owner or possessor. (Ord. 84-384 s. 1, 1984).

6.04.080 Dog/cat–Running at large–Owner notification– Impoundment procedure
B. If any dog or cat is running at large in violation of this chapter, any law enforcement officer or the county humane officer may proceed to have the dog or cat impounded and disposed of if not reclaimed; in case of dogs, after giving the notice specified in and taking the steps provided for in the current applicable Wisconsin Statutes as amended from time to time; in the case of licensed or tagged cats, by following the same procedure(s) applicable to dogs; in the case of unlicensed or untagged cats, impoundment and disposal. Disposal may take place only after the cat has been held unclaimed for a seven-day period. (Ord. 83-328 s. 1(part), 1983).

6.04.100 Dog–Barking and howling–Creating a disturbance not permitted
. All persons owning, possessing or harboring a dog shall prevent such dog from barking or howling in the city. Barking or howling does not mean barking or howling on infrequent occasions, but does mean barking or howling sufficiently often so as to be unreasonably disturbing to other persons in the neighborhood. (Ord. 83-328 s. 1(part), 1983).

6.04.110 Pets prohibited in parks and public grounds when–Additional regulations
A. No person or persons being the owner or owners or having possession, custody, or control of any dog, horse, cat, or other animal pet, shall permit the same to be in any playground or school ground at any time, or in any public park from May 15th to September 15th. This regulation applies whether the pet is running at large or is on a leash, or otherwise under the control of any person.

6.12.100 Animal waste
A. It is unlawful for any owner, keeper or possessor including the walker of any dog, cat or other animal to permit the animal to discharge animal excreta upon any public or private property, other than the property of its owner, if such owner, keeper, possessor or walker does not immediately thereafter remove and clean up such animal excreta from the public or private property.