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Glossary of Terms, Rally

Glossary of Terms from the AKC Rally Rulebook.

Brisk, briskly – keenly alive, alert, energetic

AKC Canine Partners – an American Kennel Club program that is available to spayed/neutered dogs that are not currently eligible for AKC registration, AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS) enrollment, or an AKC Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) number

Command – verbal order from handler to dog

Minor deduction – 1 to 2 points
Minor to Substantial deduction – 1 to 10 points Substantial deduction – 6 to 10 points

• Re-tries of a station are an automatic 3 point deduction
• Incorrectly Performed stations are an automatic 10 point deduction

Directly – immediately, without deviation or hesitation

Down – the dog’s body is on the ground; the dog’s weight is off the feet and legs.

Finish – When commanded/signaled to finish, the dog goes smartly to heel position and sits

Front – a dog sits in front of the handler, close enough that the handler can touch the dog’s head

Guiding Gently by the Collar – control of the dog by holding any part of the collar with minimal pressure on the dog’s neck

Handler Returns to Heel Position – the handler must return to heel position by walking around behind the dog (unless otherwise stated in these regulations)

Heel Position – dog is at the handler’s left side straight in line with the direction the handler is facing; the area from the dog’s head to shoulder is to be in line with the handler’s left hip; and the dog should be close to, but not crowding its handler so that the handler has freedom of motion at all times

Incorrectly Performed Station (IP) – one or more principal parts of a station not performed or performed incorrectly

Lame – irregularity or impairment of the function of locomotion, irrespective of the cause or how slight or severe

Luring – the appearance of having a reward to tempt the dog along or into position. No reward needs to be present

Natural Manner – not artificial, free of affectation; what is customarily expected in the home or public places

Order – direction from judge to handler, either verbal or nonverbal Pause – a complete stop of forward motion by the handler

Pivot – turning in the circle occupied by the handler before they started the turn; a turn in place

Pleading – repeated urgent commands and/or signals to elicit the proper behavior from the dog while the dog remains unresponsive to handler’s commands and/or signals

Repeat of Station/Retry – a station that is repeated in its entirety, including the approach, before beginning the next station

Regularly Trained or Instructed – where a dog and/or handler meet on a regular basis for instruction. A regular basis is considered a set pattern of dates, such as monthly, or more often

Signal – nonverbal direction from the handler to dog Sit – the dog has its rear and/or hocks on the ground

***Station Not Attempted By The Handler – a station skipped/missed by the handler before attempting the next station

Training – as related to where a student-handler/teacher-judge relationship is established, with or without compensation

Turn in Place – turning in a circle that was occupied by the handler before they started to turn

Withers – highest point of the dog’s shoulder