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General Scoring, Rally

The following quotes are from the Rally Rulebook.

Section 7. Qualifying Scores and General Scoring. To qualify, dog and handler must receive a minimum score of 70 points out of a possible perfect score of 100. A rally title may be added after the dog’s name when three qualifying scores have been earned under at least two different judges. Scoring for all levels is based on a maximum score of 100 points unless otherwise stated in these regulations. Unofficial scores will be posted ringside after each dog has completed the final exercise. Times will be recorded but not posted. Times will be used only to break ties for placements. The maximum number of points that can be deducted for any station is 10, with the exception of a non-qualifying (NQ) performance.

The following deductions shall apply on a scale from 1 to 10:

Minor Deduction (1-2 points) for each of the following:

• Tight leash
• Dog interfering with handler
• Poor sits
• Slow, delay, or resistance to respond
• Touching or ticking a jump, pylon, post or person • Out of position

Minor to Substantial Deduction (1-10 points) for each of the following:

• Repeat of a station—only one (1) retry of each station will be allowed for all class levels. Repeat of a station is an automatic 3 point deduction.
• Pylon/post knocked over on Figure Eight, Spiral and Serpentine
• Lack of control
• Lack of teamwork
• Lack of briskness
• Handler error*
• Loud command or intimidating signal
• Excessive barking
• Hitting the jump
• Patting/clapping in Excellent – per occurrence

Substantial Deduction (6-10 points) for each of the following:

• Incorrectly performed station** (Automatic 10 point deduction)
• Failure to complete the Sit Stay Exercise (IP)–No retries allowed
• Failure of dog to clear the jump properly on the first attempt (IP) –no retries allowed
• Knocking over the jump, upright or knocking a bar off (IP) – no retries allowed
• Luring/pleading with the dog
• Lack of natural manner

Non-qualifying (NQ) scores shall be given for:

• Minimum requirements not met
• Dog unmanageable or uncontrolled barking
• Consistently tight lead
• Dog that eliminates while in the ring for judging • Handler error*
• Station not attempted by handler***
• Non-qualifying errors may not be re-tried

*Handler errors can be assessed from 1 to 10 points up to non- qualifying. Handler errors can be assessed at any station or during movement between stations on a course. Once a handler has stopped on any halt exercise, the handler cannot move their feet to assist a dog without incurring a handler error.

**Incorrectly Performed (IP) stations occur when a team attempts a station and fails to perform the principal parts of the station on the first attempt. The handler may choose to retry the station once, for a correct performance, accepting the mandatory 3-point deduction for the retry of the station. The station is considered an IP if the handler chooses not to retry or fails to perform the station correctly on the second attempt.

***A station will be considered Not Attempted if: (refer to glossary)
• Handler completely passes the station
• Handler approaches sign but does not do the exercise