It's Time to Sign Up for Your Next Class!

While we are in social isolation now, it will not last forever. We hope to be back together again in the beginning of June. With that said, even in the unlikely event it is extended, online learning will continue, as well as new options. We are looking into using Zoom meetings so there can be more interaction and real time feedback!


Precision Rally

Tuesdays starting July 7th at 6pm. 
Take your Core Manners skills to the next level! This class is taught with pet owners & seasoned exhibitors in mind. We will teach you how to execute the Rally signs with precision and flair, all while having FUN! We take Rally to a whole new level and show you how to get the most animated and FOCUSED performance possible! Click HERE to sign up!





Thursdays starting July 9th. Two times offered - 6pm & 7:15pm.
This class is a great balance between structure and fun! Teaching tricks establishes a pattern of learning, teaches skills and focus, and promotes a bond between canine and human. Click HERE to sign up!


All great workouts, including mental ones, begin with warmups! Let's put our dog's thinking caps on!

Spend a good 2 minutes working on your foundation, including:

Foundation recalls
The exercise with the funny noise 😉

Puppy Pushups
Sit, Down, Up-Sit.

Focus Trees
That exercise where you make a T with your body.


Goal: Your dogs comes when called every time - enthusiastically!


1) Have some fun making a homemade recall area out of the things in your house like we did!

Be sure to pick things your dog can safely walk over!

2) Have someone hold your dog on leash (with their leash clipped to the back clip of their harness) and have them help to make sure your dog recalls to you through over the things you set out and doesn't sneak around them.

Setting this up in a hallway really helped to make sure Togo did not sneak around the objects!

3) Call your dog excitedly! And throw them a party when they get to you!

Heeling with Auditory Distractions

Goal: To teach our dogs to walk in heel position despite the environmental distractions


1) Play some music. In this video we play spooky Halloween sounds.

2) Have a partner call out heeling commands to you and your dog to keep the exercise engaging.

When you and your dog stop moving (halt+sit or halt+down), have your partner stop the music.

It's hard to bring our dogs to the distractions right now, but we can bring distractions to them just like we did in this video!



Goal: To make staying a fun and rewarding game.


1) Stand with your dog about a foot or two away from their park-it mat and tell your dog to "park-it"

2) When they get on the park-it, reward them, then release them.

3) Repeat until they are rock solid at that distance.

You can then increase the distance (how far you are away from the park-it), but don't always increase the distance. For example, sometimes take one foot, then three, then two, then four.

Giving them easy wins builds their drive to work even harder! Going around corners or finding their park-it in a different room is really hard, so be kind to your dog while increasing their distance.

Leave-it Gauntlet

Goal: For your dogs to remain focused on you and in heel position, despite distractions. 


1) Have some fun setting up a homemade leave-it gauntlet with the things around your house like we did in the video.

2) Heel with your dog through the leave-it gauntlet.

Keep your dog engaged with treats and love!

3) If your dog rocked it, repeat and make it a little harder. 

We need to practice working through distractions in a controlled environment (like at our house) where we can work our dogs through the distractions, before taking them out in the world and practicing with real world distractions!

Mannerly Walking Past a Person

Goal: Our dog remains mannerly walking with us past a person.

Exercise: Grab a partner for this one!

1) Have your partner stand still with their arms tucked in and for the most part ignore your dog.

2) You and your dog heel past your partner.

Be sure to keep your dog's focus on you and not on your partner!


Goal: Build our dog's confidence and have some fun!


1) Grab a skateboard

2) Lure your dog nice and high to get them to plop their feet (or just one foot) on the skateboard. Click and reward them when they put even one foot on the skateboard.

3) Once they get the hang of it, they will start to keep their feet on it. At that point, lure them forward to get them to take a step and move the skateboard. Click and reward them for skateboarding!

Tub Games

Goal: To teach our dogs to enjoy getting into the tub.

To keep training consistent, stash some treats in your bathroom (somewhere where your dog cannot get them). Then you can do this exercise when you walk by the bathroom!


Toss treats into your bath tub and let your dog jump in there to grab them.

You may want to put a towel down in the tub to keep them from slipping when jumping in.

Rainy Day Games

Looking for a way to keep your dog busy and wear them out? This section talks all about a few ways to tire your dog out mentally!

Muffin Tin Game

Goal: Give our dogs a mental workout (especially when we can't get out of the house)


1) Grab a muffin tin and tennis balls.

2) Under the tennis balls, place a few treats.

3) Set the muffin tin down for your dog and let them find the cookies.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Goal: Give our dogs a mental workout (especially when we can't get out of the house)


1) Fold a towel the long way.

2) Place treats roughly 2" all the way down the towel the long way.

3) Roll the towel up.

4) Place the towel on the floor & unroll it just enough for one treat to peak through. Most dogs will do the rest!

Puzzle Feeders

Looking for a way to keep your dog entertained and busy? Puzzle feeders are a great option! They exercise your dog's brain which will exhaust them much quicker than physical exercise. Linked below are a few of my favorite puzzle feeders!


Continue Working On

Mannerly Reactions
The exercise where two teams of dog and handler approach one another and exchange pleasantries while their dogs remain mannerly by their sides.
Click HERE to see the Mannerly Reactions video.

Sit to Say Please for Greeting & Petting
The exercise where your dog remains mannerly by your side while someone comes up to you, chats with you, and then pets your dog.
Click HERE to see the STSP for Greeting & HERE for the STSP for Petting video.

Pass the Baton
The exercise where your dog remains mannerly by your side while someone comes up to you, passes you an object, and you pass it back to them. Try it with new objects!
Click HERE to see the Pass the Baton video.

Sit to Say Please to Exit
Try this at several different exits around your home!
Click HERE to see the Sit to Say Please to Exit video.