It's Time to Sign Up for Your Next Class!

While we are in social isolation now, it will not last forever. We hope to be back together again in the beginning of June. With that said, even in the unlikely event it is extended, online learning will continue, as well as new options. We are looking into using Zoom meetings so there can be more interaction and real time feedback!


Precision Rally

Tuesdays starting July 7th at 6pm. 
Take your Core Manners skills to the next level! This class is taught with pet owners & seasoned exhibitors in mind. We will teach you how to execute the Rally signs with precision and flair, all while having FUN! We take Rally to a whole new level and show you how to get the most animated and FOCUSED performance possible! Click HERE to sign up!





Thursdays starting July 9th. Two times offered - 6pm & 7:15pm.
This class is a great balance between structure and fun! Teaching tricks establishes a pattern of learning, teaches skills and focus, and promotes a bond between canine and human. Click HERE to sign up!


All great workouts, including mental ones, begin with warmups! Let's put our dog's thinking caps on!

Spend a good 2 minutes working on your foundation, including:

Foundation recalls
The exercise with the funny noise 😉

Puppy Pushups
Sit, Down, Up-Sit.

Doggie Burpees
Stand, Sit, Down, Up-Sit, Stand.

Use a nice big circular lure for this one!

Dog Hopscotch

Let's get outside, get creative, and have some fun with our dogs!


Grab some sidewalk chalk and write out a course on your driveway or sidewalk. 

Two sample course maps included below.

Heel with your dog through your chalk course and perform each task as you get to it.

*To teach your dog to bow, check out this video.



Leave-it Recalls

Goal: To teach our dogs to come when called despite environmental distractions.


1) Set up some leave-its.

2) Have a partner hold your dog back (on leash with the leash clipped to the back clip of their harness).

3) Call your dog EXCITEDLY to get them to come to you.

You have to be more exciting than the leave-its are distracting. Also, make sure your partner does not let your dog win any of the leave-its.


Muzzle Training

Muzzle Training has many benefits! In this video we discuss several situations in which a muzzle would come in handy and the stigma surrounding dogs wearing muzzles. We also show the first step in muzzle training.

Break the stigma of muzzles! Click the photo below to learn more!

The Process of Muzzle Training

Remember - you will ALWAYS need to go back at least one step from where your dog was at in the previous training session. We must also go at the speed that our dog wants to go, not the speed we want to go. Take it slow and reward heavily (food and praise!) at EVERY step!!

A quick breakdown of the process is:

  • Lure dog in the muzzle
  • Dog starts offering to put their nose in the muzzle.
  • Feeling the straps around their head.
  • Adjust the straps as you are rewarding your dog for the last step.
  • Hearing and feeling the buckle (quick clip and unclip!). This can be very scary for many dogs!
  • Extend the time the buckle is clipped (reward every half second).
  • Dog takes one step in the muzzle.
  • Dog walks across the room in a muzzle.
  • Owner throws a party while their dog is wearing a muzzle!

Your dog should always be eagerly going in the muzzle at every step. If your dog loses excitement, go back a few steps and reward heavily (food and praise!). Also, always throw a party when the muzzle goes on, even if your dog is conditioned to wearing it.

Accepting a Friendly Stranger

Goal: Our dog remains mannerly by our side while we interact with someone.

Exercise: Grab a partner for this one!

1) Get your dog into a nice stable sit-stay position.

2) Have your partner approach you and have a little chat with them.

You may find it helpful to repeat "stay" to your dog to remind them of what you'd like them to be doing.

Sit Politely for Petting

Goal: For your dog to learn that pets only happen when they are sitting (or at least four-on-the-floor).


1) Sit your dog and stay your dog. 

2) Have someone approach you and your dog and ask to pet your dog.

3) Allow that person to pet your dog as long as your dog remains four-on-the-floor (they should start seated, but may stand when the petting has begun).

4) If your dog jumps, the person petting them should stop petting them, ignore them, and wait for them to return to four-on-the-floor before starting to pet them again.

You may find it helpful to repeat "stay" during this exercise to remind your dog what you would like them to be doing.

Pass the Baton

Goal: Our dog remains mannerly by our side while someone passes us an object and we pass it back to them.

Exercise: Grab a partner for this one!

1) Get your dog into a nice stable sit-stay position.

2) Have your partner approach you and hand you an object.

3) Hand the object back to them.

You may find it helpful to repeat "stay" to your dog to remind them of what you'd like them to be doing.

Musical Park-its

Goal: To make staying a game for our dogs - and a fun game at that!

Exercise: Grab a partner for this one!

1) Set up several park-its (I used towels as park-its in the video) around the area you'll be playing this game in. 

2) Have your partner play some music.  

3) While the music is playing, heel around the park-its with your dog. When your partner stops the music, get your dog into a down-stay position on the closest park-it.

4) Repeat until the song is over!

You can also play without music and just have your partner call out when to heel and when to find a park-it like we did in the video.

Body Awareness

Goal: Build our dog's confidence and have some fun!


1) Find something in your house that is stable and safe for your dog to get on, but not too firm. In the video, I use an air mattress.

2) Get your dog up on the object of your choosing and have them do some position changes on it, like sits and downs.

Continue Working On

These videos show the final goal of the exercises, but it takes several weeks to get there! Keep practicing these exercises!

Mannerly Reactions
The exercise where two teams of dog and handler approach one another and exchange pleasantries while their dogs remain mannerly by their sides.
Check out the video HERE.

Sit to Say Please to Exit
Try this at several different exits around your home!
Check out the video HERE