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While we are in social isolation now, it will not last forever. We hope to be back together again in the beginning of June. With that said, even in the unlikely event it is extended, online learning will continue, as well as new options. We are looking into using Zoom meetings so there can be more interaction and real time feedback!


Precision Rally

Tuesdays starting July 7th at 6pm. 
Take your Core Manners skills to the next level! This class is taught with pet owners & seasoned exhibitors in mind. We will teach you how to execute the Rally signs with precision and flair, all while having FUN! We take Rally to a whole new level and show you how to get the most animated and FOCUSED performance possible! Click HERE to sign up!





Thursdays starting July 9th. Two times offered - 6pm & 7:15pm.
This class is a great balance between structure and fun! Teaching tricks establishes a pattern of learning, teaches skills and focus, and promotes a bond between canine and human. Click HERE to sign up!

It's Time To Add Distractions!

So far we've been teaching our dogs what we want, now are going to work in distractions. We want dogs that are obedient in all environments, so we must practice obedience with various distractions present.


All great workouts, including mental ones, begin with warmups! Let's put our dog's thinking caps on!

Spend a good 2 minutes working on your foundation, including:

Foundation recalls
The exercise with the funny noise 😉.

Doggie Burpees
Stand, Sit, Down, Up-Sit, Stand.
Say it, lure it if necessary, say "yes!" or click when they do it, & reward! Keep in mind the "lures vs. bribes" lesson.

Army Push Ups
This is a Doggie Burpee but with speed! Use one lure to lure your dog from a stand, to a sit, to a down, to an up-sit, to a stand with a quickness!

Foot Target Review

We will need our dogs to be on foot targets for the next exercise. Practice getting your dogs up on foot targets before moving to the next exercise.

You can buy a foot target at Farm and Fleet or on Amazon (Click HERE for small/medium dogs and HERE for large dogs over 65 lbs.)

Goal: Your dog is comfortable getting up on a foot target.

Exercise: Lure your dog nice and high to get them to plop their feet on the foot target. When they put their foot on the foot target, click and reward them. 

Sit Politely Exercises

Goal: To teach our dogs to remain mannerly by our side while someone greets with us, pets our dogs, and we play Pass the Baton.

Exercise: Grab a partner for this one!

1) Place a foot target by your side and get your dog up on it. You may want to repeat "stay" throughout this exercise and keep rewarding your dog for being on the foot target.

2) Have your partner approach you and exchange a few pleasantries with one another. Make sure your dog remains mannerly by your side throughout the interaction (feet on the foot target).

3) Now have your partner approach you and ask to pet your dog. Have your partner pet your dog as long as your dog remains mannerly by your side (feet on the foot target and no jumping up on them).

4) Now have your partner approach you and hand you and object (this is a game called Pass the Baton). Take the object and then hand it back to them. Once again, your dog should remain mannerly by your side throughout the interaction (feet on the foot target).

Stays with Distance

Goal: To teach our dogs that staying is rewarding and when we walk away from them it is no big deal.

Exercise: Grab a partner for this one!

1) Have your partner take your dogs leash from you.

2) Get your dog into a nice stable down-stay position.

3) Walk away WITHOUT hesitation 10 feet and back to your dog. Make sure to turn your back to your dog when you walk away.

Do NOT make it a big deal when you walk away or when you walk back to your dog. If you give your dog a reason to panic when you walk away (like by telling them "it's not a big deal" in a worried voice), they will panic. But if you walk away like it's no big deal, then it'll be no big deal. Likewise, don't throw them a party when you get back to them or they will start to sit in anticipation of your arrival when you practice this.

Stays with Distractions

Goal: To teach our dogs to stay despite distractions.

Exercise: Grab a partner for this one! You'll want to repeat "stay" often and pay the mat A LOT!

1) Get your dog into a nice stable down-stay position.

2) Have your partner squeak a squeaky toy.

If your dog gets up, get them back into a stable down-stay and have your partner squeak the squeaky toy again.

3) Repeat number two until your dog is super solid and doesn't even care about the squeaky toy.

4) If the squeaking the squeaky toy went well, bounce a ball.

5) If bouncing a ball went well, roll the ball.

6) Release your dog and give them lots of love!

*Repeat "stay" often & pay the mat!*

Recall from Human Distraction

Goal: To work on our dog's impulse control.

Exercise: Grab a partner for this one!

1) Have your partner approach you and release your dog to go interact with them.

2) Have your partner pet your dog as long as all four of their paws remain on the floor (four-on-the-floor). If your dog jumps up, have your partner stand tall and ignore them until they are four-on-the-floor again.

3) Let your partner pet your dog for 3-5 seconds, then call them excitedly! At this time, have your partner go "dead" (stop petting your dog, stand tall, and ignore them completely). If your dog does not come to you within one second, do a foundation recall.

Want an extra challenge? Repeat this exercise, but in step two, have your dog sit in order to be pet by your partner!

Leave-It Weave

Goal: To teach our dogs to heel even around distractions.


1) Set up three sections of leave-its (a few treats in a bowl, toys, etc.).

2) Weave passed the distractions with your dog in heel position. 

You'll want to use a lure for this exercise. Also, make sure your dog does not win any of the leave-its! If your dog gets too fixated on the leave-its, do a foundation recall away from them and get reset.

Heeling with Rally Signs

What is Rally? Rally is a great combination of obedience and fun! Rally courses consist of 10-20 signs of things you must perform with your dog. Signs get more difficult - and more FUN - as you progress through the five levels.

They could be things like "down and walk around your dog" or fun things like fancy backing up and spinning or more advanced things like sending your dog over a jump.

No matter what the sign is, Rally is a great way to spice up obedience for both dogs and handlers!

In the video, I'll show you 8 different Rally signs and walk you through a Rally Course!

Click HERE to view and print the Rally Signs & HERE to view and print the Rally Course Map.

Continue Working On

Mannerly Reactions
The exercise where two teams of dog and handler approach one another and exchange pleasantries while their dogs remain mannerly by their sides.
Click HERE to see the Mannerly Reactions video.

Sit to Say Please to Exit
Try this at several different exits around your home!
Click HERE to see the Sit to Say Please to Exit video.