Online Resources

Here are all of those online resources that I mentioned in Orientation! Click each photo below to view and print the resources.


And here are those videos that we watched in Orientation. Click the photos below to view the videos. 


                                                                                             Heeling                                                                    Fence Fighting

Foundation Recalls

This is THE MOST important exercise to practice this week.

All other exercises will build off of this one.

To do a foundation recall, have a treat loaded in your hand, make the trill noise you heard in Orientation or the pup-pup-pup noise you heard in Orientation, and move backwards a bit.

Your dog should come to you because that noise is so interesting and they have to check it out, once they do come to you, give them the reward. Also, if your dog in a leash, you can reel them in via their leash if they do not come when called via foundation recall.

Treat Handling & Effective Luring

Practice holding a treat as shown during Orientation and luring your dog - NOT BRIBING.

Have your lure locked and loaded in your hand, put your hand behind your back, THEN say the command, if they do not do it immediately, pull your locked and loaded lure out from behind your back and lure them into position.

Timing & Markers

Practice marking the moment your dog performs what you have asked of them. So if you ask for a sit and they do not do it immediately, pull your locked and loaded lure out from behind your back and lure them into position. As soon as they plop their bottom down either click your clicker, or say "yes" and give them the reward.

Say it - Lure it - Click it - Reward it

Don't take this exercise lightly - this exercise makes a HUGE difference when teaching our dogs new tasks. It helps our dogs to learn things more efficiently and get off of treats faster!

Watch Togo and I practice this with Focus Trees, Sits, and Downs in the video.

Focus Circles

Practice spinning to your right to get your dog on your left and in heel position. Spin until your dizzy, then spin some more. This will help our dogs to understand where heel position is.

The Back Command

Teaching our dogs the "back" command is another exercise that will help to teach our dogs heel position and keep them from getting in front of us.

To lure our dogs to move "back" you must first start with your dogs in a standing position. Then take the lure from their nose and tuck the lure into their chest. As soon as they take one step back, click, and reward.


Practice heeling with your dog with a lure in your hand. Use About Turns and U-Turns to keep things interesting for your dog and to prevent your dog from getting out of heel position.

Keep heeling practice short and structured!


Work on handling your dog, touching their feet, and getting them comfortable with you handling them in general.

In this video, Togo and I show you how to do a little bit of handling.

Moving Rewards with Focus Trees

Let's do some Focus Trees and keep our dog's interest by utilizing moving rewards too!

To do a Focus Tree:

1) Place a treat in your left hand and your clicker in your right hand

2) Hold your arms out straight from your sides like you are making a T with your body.

3) Ask your dog one time & ONE TIME ONLY to "focus" (or "watch-me" or "eyes" or whatever word you'd like to use here to mean that you want your dog to look at you).

4) As soon as they look you in the eye, click, and give them the treat in your left hand.

The first few times they do this exercise, they will look at your for only a second (if that!), so you will need to be quick with your click.

Once they get the hang of this, add in the moving reward element. Same set up, but after you click, quickly take a few steps back, your dog should drive into you because it's exciting that you're moving, and then give your dog the reward in your left hand.


If you'd like to review anything about Orientation, here's our recorded Zoom meeting!